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Welcome to the wonderful world of Poopin Pumpkin®. I love talking about Poopin Pumpkin®. Even more, I enjoy and appreciate hearing from our clients. Be sure to visit the testimonials for inspiring stories of survival.

In the FAQ Section learn about our products; regular Poopin Pumpkin® and Poopin Pumpkin Priority®. If you have a question that’s not been addressed, please contact me.

Our pets can’t tell us what is ailing them, but they may clue us with symptoms. It’s critical that we observe and read the symptoms they present and respond appropriately.

Observe their behavior, appetite, activity level, and check their poo. It can be the first clue that suggests there’s a problem.   Is it odd in color or consistency, or non-existent?

If you observe the following symptoms, Poopin Pumpkin® may help;  trying to hack up a furball, or have ingested something they shouldn’t have,  diarrhea or constipation, or just tummy upset. Your first response is to have Poopin Pumpkin® for all of those issues.
However, if your pet is doing projectile vomiting, having breathing difficulty, or the presence of blood, then your pet needs medical intervention with your vet for evaluation and treatment immediately.

Tube products that are high in sugar and petroleum are not healthy.  Plain pumpkin puree is just that. It doesn’t have the effectiveness of Poopin Pumpkin® where it plumps to six times it’s weight and size. Nor does it have the benefit of whole eggs, which is an important component. Poopin Pumpkin® is Mother Nature’s gastric bulldozer!

Poopin Pumpkin® is a simple product, it works, and is cost-effective!

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