From Barb Clay and The Creation of Poopin Pumpkin

There was nothing in my life that prepared me for this journey of pet care.  My careers included years of administrative and writing, economics, professional musician, and engineering in advanced technology, research and development in US defense and aerospace.  At the time of this writing, I am 68 yrs young and this is what I'm doing for my retirement, and loving it!

My great life adventure started the day I did my first ferret rescue of over 200 in 1995.  Rocky's Ferret Rescue & Shelter was official that day.   Since then, over 3,000 ferrets were either rescued from backyard breeders, hoarders, surrendered by private owners, or acquired when Maryland Animal Control from various counties contacted me.  I dealt with each and every health and behavioral issue each ferret had. 

Through years of hands-on caring for the health of these animals, one of the most common of ailments were gastric issues.  They ranged from furballs or a foreign object, that was having difficulty being passed.  Often stress or illness  caused stomach upset, or diarrhea.  There just were no products on the market that were successful in treating these issues.  During those years the only alternative would be surgery, or very expensive vet visits and medicines, which mostly failed. 

Around 2010 the vets started recommending canned pumpkin puree for those with blockages.  This often was a default effort for those animals that were so damaged and emaciated, they were no longer surgical candidates.     

 In 2013 I envisioned a product that would be effective!  Poopin Pumpkin was developed, and my shelter kids were the guinea pigs of this product.   Highly successful results were immediate.   Effective and economical.  This stuff saves lives!!! 

It's important for me to say, if you have a pet that is having chronic or emergency symptoms of gastric issues, please pursue a vet determination as to the cause and treatment.  I am not a vet.   I am an advocate of G.I Tract preventative maintenance accomplished with weekly soups made from Poopin Pumpkin.

For all of my years of being involved in animal rescue, Poopin Pumpkin will be my proud legacy I give and leave the world.  Please visit our testimonial page and videos from actual pet owners. 


Barb Clay, President

Rocky’s Creature Comforts, LLC