Rocky’s Creature Comforts, LLC

 Welcome to Rocky's Creature Comforts! - starring POOPIN PUMPKIN!

It's got a crazy name, but a very serious mission in your pet's good health.   Poopin Pumpkin gained it's reputation and customer momentum through the owners' satisfying experiences with their dogs, cats, and ferrets in the US and world-wide.  The effectiveness has been positively realized by dog, cat and ferret owners, shelters and private breeders.  Every pet owner should have Poopin Pumpkin on their shelf!

Our products can now be included in your vet clinic's health care arsenal, as well as retailed.  Soon Poopin Pumpkin will be in your favorite online and brick and mortar stores.  If you don't see it on your favorite sites or stores, be sure to direct them to visit our site and join our family of Poopin Pumpkin distributors!

Having been the director of Rocky's Ferret Rescue & Shelter since 1995, I first-hand observed and worked the need of these animals that experienced a variety of gastric issues.  Poopin Pumpkin was developed in my shelter, and proved it's effectiveness with over 300 ferrets tested.  It was only then, I realized that I had something so healthy, so effective, that it needed to be shared with the world!

I love this stuff.  I believe in it with all my heart.   Saving pets' at a time!

Barb Clay, President
Rocky's Creature Comforts, LLC

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