It's a therapeutic supplement for cats, dogs and ferrets. A dry product designed to be dissolved in warm water and served as a tasty soup. Assists in gastric purging of undigested debris. Brings relief to situations of diarrhea and constipation. Pumpkin is very soothing and calming. Additionally, helps to express impacted anal glands. Recommended as an intermittent diet supplement. Ingredients: Organic air-dried pumpkin powder, and powdered whole eggs.
Same as Poopin Pumpkin, except it's 100% organic pumpkin powder, ...NO EGGS! For any pet that has a poultry allergy, this is perfect for them! If you're already serving a soup or feeding whole eggs, then just add PPP to your soup. PPP can be used in severe blockage protocols as recommended by your vet in lieu of canned pumpkin puree.
Once the dry product is dissolved in warm water and served, it will plump up to six times it’s weight and size. Nature’s own bulldozer! Once Ingested; The product becomes a force of nature, encapsulating and moving fur and undigested debris to the pet’s ‘exit’. The pumpkin is high in fiber, resulting in gastric purging and evacuation, and is soothing. The whole eggs contain lecithin and choline, which combined, help to dissolve hard fat binders that create furballs, as well as stimulate intestinal motility.
The difference between the two products? Whole Eggs! Regular Poopin Pumpkin is a blend of air-dried pumpkin powder, and powdered whole eggs. Poopin Pumpkin Priority is 100% pumpkin powder, no eggs.
Weekly gastric maintenance is recommended for healthy animals. It can be used when diarrhea, constipation, impacted anal glands, or upset tummies are a medical concern.
If you suspect a blockage, and the pet is doing projectile vomiting, won’t eat, and can’t poop or has diarrhea….it’s vet time asap! In the absence of those symptoms, immediately serve! During this period of concern, twice a day. Be sure to inspect poo for any undigested matter that may 'exit'. Follow your vet's advice. Poopin Pumpkin can be used in place of canned pumpkin puree when pumpkin is advised. Let your vet know about Poopin Pumpkin!
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