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Testimonials from our Customers

I have used this for several years for my ferrets, my mother's dog who loves to destroy beds, and all of the cats in my family. Even if I suspect an upset stomach, I give some Poopin Pumpkin and it seems to perk them right up. It has come in handy for ferrets with diarrhea that are at risk of dehydration if it continues.

I bottle fed one of my cats since she was 12 hours old. She struggled to poop because formula is very hard on the digestive system! This was considered the norm for bottle babies. She would rarely go, became very bloated, but when she did go, she would literally scream and bleed. I added a small amount of Poopin Pumpkin to her bottles starting when she was 3 days old, and she was able to poop regularly and without screaming/bleeding. Nothing is sadder than a tiny kitten in pain. I recommend this to everyone, but especially animals being fed formula!