*OCTOBER SPECIAL* 100% HUMAN-GRADE AND CERTIFIED ORGANIC our "PRIORITY" product is 100% pure air-dried pumpkin powder, no spices added, that's up to you! It also has an 18 month shelf-life after opening. Whether you mix pancakes, lattes or smoothies for yourself and friends, or serve to your pets (no spices please), the deal of the month is the BIG POUNDER OF PRIORITY!!! Regularly sells for $50, special this month $45 and FREE SHIPPING!

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Poopin Pumpkin® consists of certified organic air-dried pumpkin powder and powdered whole eggs.
The best way to avoid putting the health of your pets in jeopardy, is to eliminate the early cause. This is accomplished by doing weekly maintenance using Poopin Pumpkin® or Poopin Pumpkin® Priority.